Casino Video Slot Action on the Seven Seas!

Oceanic adventures are the best types of adventures in the world of gambling, channel your inner pathfinder with great pirate-themed slots from RabCat and ELK studios.

RabCat’s Moby Dick

Moby Dick is a classic whaling story, it’s no reason why RabCat chose this great account to base their slot off. They have done the story justice with beautifully suitable graphics and animations. These visual features make the slot fun in a way, audio is great as well with a tense and suspenseful score. All of these elements combine to make a truly immersive experience.

The slot utilises a 5 times 3 reel format, your playing environment is contrasted by a visual background which has you inside of a Shark’s mouth, it’s a pretty cool aesthetic and really delivers the sense of an oceanic adventure. As for numeral specifics, there’s a wide range of wilds and five successful placings will grant you an award 200x your original stake. Anywhere from 0.25 to 25 coins can be used, it’s a very welcoming system to newbies and experienced players alike.

The two central features of this game are the application of a time stop when the player enters a winning combination. It works by freezing the panels and giving you an unlimited amount of free spins. Secondly, the game has a spinner which could further reward you with 40 more spins, you can achieve this by landing on the correct icon four times. For clarification, the slot is one of the variant sort and has an unknown RTP.

Another potential bonus is associated with the scatter icons, if you land on these icons a total of three times, you’ll get an influx of free spins, multiplying your original stake.

Moby is a superb game for whaling fanatics, it packs a nifty bonus system based on wilds and free spins. The visuals make the playing environment an immersive wonderland and one that will appease all types of players. The free spins feature is of significant benefit to players and something that will surely place Moby Dick above similarly themed games.

Overall, RabCat offer an awesome experience that causes a feeling of nostalgia and sentimentality equivalent to real life voyages. The graphics and animations alone make the slot worth a whirl, if you’re the wondrous type, try RabCat’s Moby Dick online slot today.

ELK Studios’ Wild Seas

Wild Seas video slot is one particular ELK-based slot that gives you the chance to win some precious treasures, it’s based on 5 reels and packs almost 180 ways to win, all stemming from a mere £20 to £100 spin. Your trip across the pacific ocean will consist of cool free spins, cruising wilds, sailing wilds and additional wild earnings through the robust levelling system. This wild sea slot will send you back to the golden era of pirating, a place where every dog gets his due, it’s a great opportunity to win big.

It’s a well-rounded slot, providing some competitive fun in a stylistically pleasing world, the calm and sunny seasides of Port Royale are highlights. The icons are weirdly hypnotic with their saturated colours – gold coins, silver coins, bronze coins and captain coins take up this attractive selection.

For how the slot works, you’ll start out at level 1 which is known as the beginner level, it’s recommended that you watch out for the Wild seas flags as they could activate the spin feature and give a ton of free spins in return. One of the merchant captains is selected from the reels and becomes your universal captain, replacing all others in the process.

It’s another great option for those looking to combine their gambling hobbies and sailing fantasies for an unexpectedly fun result. Numerous UK online casinos have these slots available to play, RabCat gaming and ELK studios have these them installed all across the gambling web for players’ convenience. If you want to satisfy your adventurous side, give these slots a go.