Using a review site to compare and find the best UK casino

It seems that there are thousands of different online casinos to play at these days, with hundreds of new establishments appearing on the scene every year. That being said, attempting to choose a casino to play at can seem like a truly bewildering task. One very helpful tool in your armoury that you can use to make that all important decision, however, is a casino review site.

Useful information that you can glean from reading a review site to compare online casinos

Some casino reviews will contain a lot of ‘fluff’ and anecdotes about how players came to find the site, or how much money they won whilst they were there. Cut through the filler and head straight to the meaty information by looking out for these five handy facts that you can learn from casino reviews:

  • How good the casino’s customer support is: a casino with prompt and friendly customer support staff is definitely a real gem.
  • Whether there were any hidden sign up fees, commissions on deposits and withdrawals that weren’t mentioned explicitly in the Terms and Conditions, or anything else that you need to beware of when playing at this casino.
  • How the casino compares to other similar sites: do gamblers tend to rate it above or below other online casinos?
  • Gamblers’ reasons for leaving the casino: this will give you an insight into what the casino might have been doing wrong.
  • Payout times: this is something that reviewers often comment on, and obviously fast payout times are a big plus.

How do you know if a reviewing site is a reliable source of information?

It is a sad fact of today’s world that many reviews that you find online have been paid for by the company being reviewed themselves. That means that a highly positive review stating that establishment X is ‘the best uk online casino in the world‘ may have been motivated by the desire for a monetary reward rather than the simple desire to give an honest account of that casino to help fellow gamblers. There are honest review sites out there, like, but there is one nifty trick that you can use to filter out the majority of unreliable reviews and that is to use reviewing sites that require people who post reviews to have been verified users of the product or service that they are reviewing. That means that if they are reviewing a casino site, they will have to have proved that they held an account with that casino site before they can post a review. Find out if this is the policy of the review site you are using, by checking the site’s terms and conditions or attempting to log in and post a review yourself.

The psychological effect of dissatisfaction

How often do you post positive reviews of a casino that you loved? Now, how often do you post negative reviews of a casino that has really annoyed you, whether by disappearing off the face of the earth with your money, not responding to your customer service queries, or charging you huge commissions on your withdrawals? Chances are, you are more likely to post a negative review in the second scenario than a positive review in the first scenario, because the reviewing site provides an outlet for your complaints. This is particularly likely if the casino’s customer service response was practically non-existent: what other outlet did you have? The same is true of the majority of consumers posting online reviews. As such, this is something to take into account if you notice that negative reviews tend to outweigh positive ones on a given site.

Ready to post your own online casino reviews?

Once you have played at a given casino, help other potential players out by sharing your experience in a fair, honest, and detailed manner. Write a review of that casino and post it to a review site, paying attention to the five factors discussed in the bulleted list earlier in this article. Your fellow online casino lovers will thank you for your accurate insider information about topics such as customer service, account fees, and deposit times.