Turn your casino bonus into real money-wagering requirements explained

Once you receive a casino bonus, there will always be requirements attached to it. The requirements are a set condition for players to get free money from the casino. If you make big winnings out of a bonus money, then it will be added to the cash balance and can be withdrawn as long as you’ve met a set out wagering requirement.

wagering requirements explained

Wagering requirements will mostly depend on the type of bonus. The 30* is the common wagering requirement in most casinos and excludes a welcome offer. There is also a 40*wagering requirement which caters for standard issues and comes with a new player welcome bonus.

Winning and wagering

If you are playing for real money at the casino, you’ll be required to pay for each game for the cash balance. Also, any payouts will be credited to your cash balance. In cases where you run out of cash, you will still have the bonus cash to continue playing. However, if you start winning then the balance is used to cover the bonus till the initial amount when you started playing is reached. Everything that is over and above the said amount will go to the cash balance.

Why do casinos have wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements are a basic necessity for any mobile or online casino. Without such requirements, it will be difficult for casinos to offer regular promotions and welcome bonus that are exciting to most players. The risk management team of any casino sets out the requirements with each promotion and bonus, and that comes with different wagering requirements. In order to off-set the risk and protect the bonuses they give away, casinos need to set different wagering requirement. In general, wagering requirements, acts as tools to curb unwanted behaviours from players.

Locating wagering requirements

The wagering requirement is something that a casino wouldn’t want to shout about. To find casino playthrough requirements, it’s important to go through the terms and condition in place. A number of casinos are transparent and the information is usually on the “more information” section of the promotion or bonus. Before getting all excited about casinos not offering wagering requirements, you should get in touch with support.

Fulfilling the wagering requirement

Players need to understand that wagering requirements don’t just come on their own. They are tied up to other constraints such as wagering on particular games and within a set time frame. Also, the casino gives you the opportunity to contribute to the wagering requirement by playing in particular games. However, there are some games such as roulette or blackjack that might not count at all. If they do then they will be a percentage of less than 10 and this is not consistent in the industry. Casinos do this because certain games have lower house edge and are easier to place larger number of bets. Given that the profit margin of games such blackjack is lower for casinos, they will try as much to curb on losses.

Keeping track of the wagering requirement

Casinos provide a convenient way for you to keep track on the progress of your wagering requirement. They do so by separating the bonus/free cash from the ordinary balance. If you have winnings with outstanding balance then they will appear as a pending balance until certain requirements are met. This way, you’ll be able to know what’s required of you before cashing out any bonus.

Getting the most from bonuses

Players who are rewarded for their loyalty wouldn’t care about bonuses. For those who have a keen interest in bonuses then they can certainly get the most out of it. What players need to understand is that in bonus evaluation, they don’t have to accept a bonus. A number of casinos will give you an easy way out while others require you to contact support and notify them that you wouldn’t wish to use the bonus promotion.

Wagering bonus calculator

The wagering bonus calculator is a tool that will enable you to determine whether you can take advantage of a bonus or not. If you input the required data on the fields, the calculator will automatically update itself. A number of casinos also come with unique terms and conditions. For instance, you might be required to cap the winnings before you can fulfil any wagering requirement. In most instances, the calculator gives you an estimate of your requirement. It is also important to make a confirmation with the customer support to ensure you have the right winnings.