Use your next casino bonus to experiment with some neat slot strategies

When you’ve grabbed a decent online casino bonus and you’re not sure what to do with it, you might want to consider heading for the slot machines. While you might not feel as though slot machines are a strategy-worthy use of your time, there are some tips and tricks you can employ to make money from online casino slots.

How slots work and some basic online slot tips

As you may have guessed, slot machines choose their winners at random. As such, there is no way of predicting when you’re going to win, or how much the slot machines will land on. It’s worth noting that casinos are set up so the house always wins. This means the longer you hang around to play online casino slots, the higher your chances are of losing out altogether.

The most basic strategy is referred to as the ‘one play strategy’. You pick a machine, play it, and if you win, you have another go. As soon as you lose, move onto another machine. When doing this, aim for the machine that pays out the highest amounts.

Stay away from online slots with progressive payouts

One of the simplest online slots tips is to stay away from the games that have progressive payouts. Why? They have higher potential wins, which means there are more people playing them. When you’re playing a game that lots of other people are playing, you’re far less likely to win yourself.

An easy online slots strategy is to aim for a game that has a fixed maximum payout, and one that’s pretty low. There are fewer people playing, which means the random odds generator is already working in your favour.

Pick betting system slots with the best odds

When you walk into a casino in the real world, the staff won’t tell you which slot machine is most likely to provide you with the win you need. Online, however, many casinos will tell you which ones have the best odds ratio.

It may seem like an incredibly simple tip as far as online casino slots go, but it’s one that works. Pick the slots that have the best odds and you’re more likely to win. They usually have the lowest payouts, but your chances of success are still higher than if you pick one with big payouts and rubbish odds.

Find the slot machines that have free spins

If you’re looking for online slots tips that’ll save you money, try the slots that have free spins. Used in conjunction with your casino bonus, this is a strategy that’ll increase your chances of a win without putting any of your cash at risk. In addition, it’s a great way to learn how a game works.

Fine-tune your online slots strategy with free practices

There’s no better way to familiarise yourself with a game and how it works than by playing in free mode. When you’re playing in free mode, make sure you create a scenario that’s realistic to your circumstances. For example, if you know you only have £100 to play with, make that your limit when you’re in free mode.

Hop between the slots using that limit and see which ones are more likely to produce returns. Once you’ve found a game that you feel comfortable with, make it a key part of your online slots strategy.

Sign up to your online casino’s bonuses

Bonuses are rarely consistent in the world of betting system slots. As such, you should sign up for email alerts and scan the casino’s site periodically to check for bonuses that could work in your favour.

Common bonuses to look out for include:

  • New game promotions with increased chances of winning
  • Seasonal promotions that include free bets
  • Daily promo offers
  • Free cash for placing a bet of a minimum amount

The most useful of these strategies is to look out for free cash for placing a bet of a minimum amount. This is especially the case if the free amount is the same as or double the amount you’re betting. Why? Because this is literally a no-lose situation, which is rare in the world of casinos. If your minimum bet results in a decent payout, you have extra money plus the free bet. On the other hand, a loss means you still have money to play with and you know you at least took your chances with a decent win.

Always remember, it’s difficult to win significant amount from online casino slots. However, with taking a careful approach, you can decrease your chances of painful losses and you may see some extra cash come your way.