Double, Triple or Quadruple the Fun with a Casino Match Bonus

Playing at online casinos can be a lot of fun regardless of whether you are playing the free games or you are playing real money games. But, while playing real money games comes with a lot of excitement, it also comes with the possibility of losing some or all of your hard earned money- something no player would want to do. So what if there was a way you could still take part in real money casino games, play to win real money but only have to put up a small fraction of your own money as a deposit? Yes, that is exactly what online casino bonus offers.

What Is An Online Casino Bonus?

Simply put, an online casino bonus is simply free money that the casino gives to players taking part in particular games. Although the specific reason for offering the bonus might differ from one online casino to the next one, majority of the casinos give the bonuses for two main reasons;

 To attract new players to join the online casino; new players will obviously be drawn to any casino that gives them a chance to play without spending and yet still win real money. Examples of such online casino bonus offers include the signup bonus and the deposit bonus or welcome bonus.

 To reward players and encourage them to keep playing; online casinos don’t like losing clients and it is therefore important for them to create and grow loyalty among the customers that they already have. The best way to do so is by rewarding them for most, if not all of the gams that they play at the online casino. Most of them do so through the use of casino match bonus offers.

What Is A Casino Match Bonus?

A match bonus is not exactly what the name implies. The ‘match’ in the bonus does not stand for the game you are playing but rather stands for a comparison of the bonus to your own deposit. Before playing a real money game in a casino, you will first be required to deposit some of your own cash. Now what the casino does through the deposit match bonus is to give you bonus money to play with based on the amount of money that you have deposited. There are several different types of deposit match bonus offers but they are generally usually all applied in the same way.

Types of Deposit Match Bonuses

100% match bonus- this one is also sometimes commonly referred to as a perfect match bonus. With a 100% match bonus, the casino basically tops up your online account with a bonus whose value is equal to the amount of money that you deposit in the account. For instance, if you deposit xxx20 into your account then the online casino will match it by adding xxx20 more to your account so that you end up with xxx40 to play with.

50% deposit match bonus- this is similar to the 100% match bonus except for the fact that the casino gives you half the total amount of money that you deposit with them.

200% match bonus- this is one of the biggest bonus offers that a player can hope to get from online casinos and is rather rare compared to the other online casino bonus offers. With this bonus the casino doubles the amount of money that the players put up as deposits into their accounts. So if, for instance, you deposit xxx20 into your account then the casino will match it by depositing 200% more which is equivalent to an additional xxx40 so that you eventually end up with xxx60 to play with.

High roller match bonus- the high roller match bonus is usually only available for players who take part in high stakes games. The deposits required for high stakes games usually rate in the thousands of pounds and so the high roller bonuses are on average bigger than all the other types of deposit match bonuses.

Many new casino players are usually skeptical when it comes to the subject of bonuses since they have been led to believe that there is nothing like free money in a casino. That there is always a catch hidden somewhere beyond your vision. So here is some good news- the only catch attached to the online casino bonuses is that they might not apply to all the gamers played in the online casinos but only to a selected number of games.