Why Every Casino Player Should Know The RTP of Their Game and How to Find It

A critical rule of gambling is to know what you are getting into before you put your money on the line. Comprehending how various games are played and the factors that influence winning chances makes it easier to develop a strategy. When playing online slot games, RTP is one of the elements that you have to be clear about before getting too immersed. The term may have come up as you go about your online gambling adventures and wondered what it was or its role in the game. Here you have RTP explained in detail plus how to factor it in when playing slots.

What is RTP?

Return to player rate is the money that goes back to the players over a certain period after they wager at a casino and is usually represented in percentage terms. RTP is meant to give an idea of how online casino slots will perform over a given time. The average return to player figure uses with at least 1,000 plays. If the RTP of a particular web-based casino is 90%, it means that, over a specific timeframe, a player will get back £90 for a £1 bet. A simple way to look at the return to player rate is as the opposite of house advantage. If a slot will pay out 90%, it means that the casino keeps 10%, which is the house edge. Players should, however, remember that RTP is theoretical and only applies in the long term. When playing on the short-term, anything can happen, and it is misleading to use the RTP to determine what you will win in a single game. Don’t expect to get £90 from a £1 wager because a casino has indicated a return to player figure of 90%. Video slots RTP looks at all the stakes played, meaning that every player contributes towards the payouts. UK casinos that operate all kinds of machines, including video slots, fruit machines and FOBTs are required to display the RTP for customers.

Why Does It Matter?

You may wonder- if the RTP of online slots games doesn’t matter when playing individual games, what is the point of learning about it? If you are playing in a licensed casino, then regulation requires that it show it’s RTP. The biggest advantage of having this information is that it tells of the house edge that clients have to play with. Before you can wager money on your favourite title, it helps to know how much the casino is designed to keep from the winnings. Knowing the house advantage of a particular outfit helps you decide if it’s worth playing because you have a clue of the odds the casino has stacked against you. The house edge is a big determinant of the fairness of a casino. When picking an online casino, you have to aim for the highest RTP. A minimum return to player of 94% is a good guideline to stick by when deciding on which gambling platform to play.

Are High RTP Slots Always The Best

A high RTP translates to a low house advantage, and it is practical to choose such a casino. However, players have to consider slot volatility when making this choice. Each slot is structured differently, and that means that the risks vary from one machine to another. A slot with high volatility has a bigger risk, and that will result in larger payouts that are spaced over a long period. Conversely, low volatility slots will have shorter payout frequencies but with smaller wins.

In most cases, slots with high risks come with a low RTP and consequently, higher house advantage. At a glance, you would want to avoid such slots, but gambling is not that straightforward. High volatility slots present an opportunity to win large sums. It may take time, and a dizzying number of spins but a single win can make the investment worth it. Casinos have to maintain the big house edge to shield themselves when such wins happen. You can also choose to capitalise on online casino slot games with high RTP and low risk for the quick albeit small payouts. This decision will depend on the slots that you opt to wager on. How good are you at playing them? The casino you will also matter because each platform has its payout percentages. Whether you are new or a veteran will influence your slot selection as well.

Understanding how RTP works is essential when playing online casino slots as it prepares you for what to expect when you wager at an online casino.