How does a no deposit bonus work – online casino

We have all seen those bonuses that multiply your deposit several times so that you have more money to throw around when you play at a given online casino. But, what about its friends, the no deposit bonus? No deposit bonus codes are definitely worthwhile things to snap up, and here’s why.

What is a no deposit bonus?

The clue, here, is in the name. These are bonuses that the casino will give you regardless of whether you put down a deposit. By contrast, with some bonuses, you need to put down a deposit of a certain minimum amount and only then can you get free spins, a bigger deposit for free and so on. With a no deposit bonus, all that you need to do is to sign up and the casino will immediately gift you a certain amount (say £10 or £30) to play with.

Is there a catch?

Very often, terms and conditions apply with no deposit promo codes. For example, you may have to spin through on a given game a certain number of times before you can withdraw your winnings after applying a no deposit bonus code. Or, you may be required to accrue a certain amount of winnings before making a withdrawal. As you can see, the way that no deposit bonus codes are set up generally prevents you simply from signing up to a casino, grabbing the free deposit, using it and then making a swift exit with any winnings that you may have. These codes often have the purpose of attracting you to play at a given casino, and then keeping you playing once you have begun.

Do no deposit promo codes always award you cash?

The bonuses that you get as part of a no deposit promo do not always take the form of cash. Very often, they will take the form of free spins, enhanced account options or extra chips in a casino. One thing to bear in mind is that we can often see cash bonuses as more attractive and valuable than other ‘virtual’ kinds of bonus such as free spins. However, in fact, often free spins or other non cash types of bonus can actually make you more money.

How old are no deposit bonuses?

These types of bonus are at least as old as online casinos themselves. Many online casinos that started up back in the 1990s enticed their first customers by means of no deposit bonuses, and they continue to use such bonuses to great effect up into the present day. In the days of bricks and mortar casinos, some casino owners might try and increase their number of customers by offering bonuses and promotions. But, as with all casinos throughout the ages, all of these bonuses would ideally be carefully honed so that overall the house would retain the ultimate edge.

The bottom line: snap up no deposit bonuses while you can but be savvy about it

If you see any no deposit bonuses up for grabs, then it definitely makes sense to investigate further. However, do be aware of the points made above and ensure that you will not have to sign up for anything that you do not want to sign up for in order to use your bonus code. After all, there is no point in using a bonus that does not actually make you any substantial money – and may even lock you in to playing on a casino for a certain number of spins when in fact you would much rather not do so.